• Schools

    Practical sessions on simulators and pigs organs, lectures of leading surgeons

  • Laparoscopic center

    Basic and advanced laparoscopic skills on boxed simulators

  • VetLab

    Workshops on pigs and rabbits

  • Individual classes

    Anatomy and surgical skills for students and residents

Club activity

Why our educational programs are effective?

  • We remember how was it to operate first time. We will do all our best to make you be confident in your hands.

  • Result of training. It really matters for us.

  • We love EBM and use it’s principles in everyday practice.

  • Curious and enthusiastic team of young surgeons. All time studying new operative techniques and mastering surgical skills.

Nearest events

  • Детали

    Few facts about school:

    • Experienced mentors – surgeons and residents, who provided 30 schools before
    • 300 students and residents passed basic surgical schools during 4 years
    • 80% of studying time is dedicated to practice
    • Evidence-based lectures
  • Детали

    Few facts about school:

    • 4 DeadLab practical sessions in simulators with lateral thoracotomy
    • 4 lectures about lobectomies technique and lung cancer treatment
    • practical session in VATS dissection(NEW)
    • 15 participants only

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